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InPoker is a fresh new approach to online poker that engages social media influencers and offers the first e-sports platform with an integrated DeFi protocol that allows players to participate in poker tournaments by supplying crypto assets and unique NFT membership that provides free entries and exclusive benefits.

Participate in freeroll or paid tournaments, earn real prizes by winning games, receiving rewards for inviting people and organizing tournaments, all while earning interest from the supplied collateral at all times.


Poker chips
  • Limited edition card offers special benefits and prizes.

  • Exclusive privileges and promotions, free entries to weekly InPoker tournaments.

  • Generate more tradable cards by staking your existing card together with the INP+BUSD pair for 1 month.

  • Chance to win a ticket to the WSOP 67th World Championship Main Event

Watch our short videoto get a better idea of what the InPoker platform has to offer.

Influencer Poker employs the the latest financial technologies and features never used in online poker before, in order to appeal to the players of any skill level and offer free and paid tournaments.

The platform offers users various ways to earn rewards and provides unique opportunities to participate in paid or free sponsored tournaments and stand a chance to win real prizes even without spending any money.


  • defi

    InPoker is the first e-sport platform with an integrated DeFi protocol incorporating the best aspects of Compound, Maker Dao and Venus, allowing players to participate in poker tournaments by supplying crypto assets.

    Borrow BUSD stablecoin (In-Game Token) to the value of up to 60% of total supplied assets amount while maintaining interest earning. Users can use DEX to exchange any assets on Binance Smart Chain to BUSD and vice versa.

  • influencers

    Social media influencers can earn various benefits by referring users to InPoker tournaments and receive commission from each buy-in or percentage of the tournament prize the referred user wins.

    Event organisers will have the authority to determine the minimum buy-in amount, the prizes and the percentage that influencers will receive for referring users.

  • businesses

    The platform provides a unique way to run promotions to target audiences via sponsorship programs.

    Businesses can choose to promote their products or services via tournaments by creating sponsored games with free or small buy-in entries where users stand a chance to win big prizes in platform currency or, in case of blockchain companies, their own coins, tokens or NFTs.

  • tournaments

    InPoker platform allows event organizers to create their own poker rooms and have full control of the settings.

    Room owners are able to set their own commission that social media influencers receive from the tournament, set unique referral codes for each event and compete on the leaderboard.


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